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Find and learn everyday culinary inspiration. Discover recipes, ingredients, culinary delights, video and cooking steps based on the food you love.

Main Courses1 h, 30 min

Almond tagine

A few almonds offer you one-eighth of your daily protein needs. They contain fiber, protein, minerals, vi...

Main Courses1 h, 30 min

Meat Tagine with Vegetables

Vegetable tagine is a casserole dish characterised by a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins. You can a...

Main Courses45 min

Couscous 7 Vegetables

Couscous is famous in the Maghreb and the most delicious main dishes can be prepared with it in various r...

Main Courses50 min

Tagine Meatballs In Tomato Sauce

A famous and delicious Moroccan dish because of the presence of meat, tomatoes and eggs, which has a lot ...

Main Courses1 h, 10 min

Plum Tagine

A traditional Moroccan dish that goes beyond definition, which is characterized by the presence of sweet ...

Side Dishes55 min

Moroccan Msemen

Moroccan Msemen is one of the oldest eateries in Morocco, where it is considered to be a delicious delica...

Soups50 min

Harira Moroccan Soup

A dish containing all the food ingredients you're looking for is one of the most delicious recipes in Mor...

Main Courses1 h, 25 min

Green Bean Tagine

An easy, simple recipe and a special, benefit-rich meal that housewives bring to lunch. This meal contain...

Main Courses1 h, 45 min

Dried Apricot, Plum and Almond Tagine

In this tagine, the sweetness of dried fruit, plums and the onions will bring amazing flavours to your pa...

Main Courses1 h, 20 min

Chicken Pastilla

It's a traditional Moroccan dish, a kind of pastry stuffed with onions and chickens and a mixture of chee...

Main Courses1 h, 10 min

Carrot Tagine with Preserved Lemons

Moroccan dishes are well known for introducing olive and preserved lemon into them, including this distin...

Main Courses1 h, 5 min

Caramelized Onion and Raisin Couscous

It is one of the types of couscous that spreads only in Morocco, and one of the most famous dishes of Mor...