About Us

Hi! here is where you’ll find hundreds of seasonal, plant-rich, globally-inspired, whole-food recipes.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, keto, flexitarian or omnivore – we can all agree on one thing: cooking meals from scratch, using fresh wholesome ingredients is one of the most nourishing gifts we can give ourselves and our families.

And you’ve been telling me how challenging this can be! Many of you lack the time, energy or inspiration. Some of you are bored and stuck in a rut, or perhaps somewhere along the way, lost your love of cooking. Believe me, I’ve been there and I totally get it.

Working in the food industry for over 25 years (starting Mizuna Restaurant with Tonia, then creating Feast Catering Co.) I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade to help cooking become a little more simple and more enjoyable.

Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated, stressful or require hours of time. Wholesome meals can be easy and approachable, without compromising flavor or beauty. I’m so excited to share how!

My goal is to help you feel successful in the kitchen and perhaps cooking can even become the best, most relaxing, and creative part of your day- a joy instead of a chore. 


Though I try to eat mostly plant-based (see our Plant-Based Recipe Guide), I don’t judge or label foods as “good” or “bad.” I simply try to eat foods that make me feel energetic, alive, light and joyful. These are usually plants!

Even though I had a vegetarian restaurant for 10 years and often eat plant-based during the week, as a chef I want to try and experience everything. So I don’t like to label myself or create rules for myself. I’m also married to a wonderful carnivore, Brian. Sometimes I’ll adapt our meals so he can have meat, and keep mine vegetarian- one meal, two ways.